Quick To Learn Computer Basics with Big Pictures

By Jeff Haney



Quick To Learn Computer Basics With Big Pictures E-book

Finally!  Someone wrote a book that explains HOW computers work! 

This is not just a book for someone new to computers; even those well endowed with computer knowledge will discover exciting new information.  However, this book is such an easy read that even the young can easily grasp its concepts.

After years of solving problems for computer users of all levels of expertise, Jeff Haney decided to create a book that would alleviate the frustrations of anyone dealing with computers.

He spent years looking for a solution which would give people the information they were looking for about how computers work. After finding book after book that used either too much technical jargon, incorrect information, or only a small tidbit of the information they were seeking; Mr. Haney finally decided to write the book with the answers theywere seeking.

Mr.Haney then spent years testing this book on people of all types of experience and varying ages who were delighted to finally understand the way computers work.

This book comes highly recommended for everyone in this new computer age.